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Crazy Fit Massage Plate Review

The Crazy Fit make has been around for years and have dominated the budget end of the vibration plate market. You'll find their models branded by many retailers who are happy to associate with these low-cost, but reasonable quality machines.

So how does the Massage 1500W measure up?

Let's start by saying it is a very low-cost plate situated right at the bottom end of the market - so obviously you shouldn't expect too much. But as we've said elsewhere on this site, just because it's cheap it doesn't mean you should just throw away a £150 for something that's a waste of space - it's still a £150 at the end of the day. money you could use for your next electricity bill!

But this is actually a pretty good machine and it will help you achieve some of your goals. It won't deliver the results of the machines you'll see in a gym, or some of the models we've reviewed on this site in the middle price bracket of around £700 to £1,000. Yet it is a fraction of the price.

This new plate has a powerful 1500W motor that's quiet enough for use in the home without annoying your family. It has 3 pre-set programmes so you just press a button and the computer does the rest and sets the plate vibrationing for a set time, at a specific amplitude - how far the plate moves up and down.

This plate moves up to a maximum of 10mm which is plenty for a good workout for your muscles. Plus it has 99 speed settings which will help the beginner gradually adjust to the demands of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), while still being suitable for those well-used to this mode of training.

The handles are well-designed for good support for the positions necessary for an all-over workout, and the upper body cords will let you work arms, shoulders and upper back.

We get many emails from people who have just got a plate and then are unsure of how to use them, this model comes with a chart with exercises suitable for both the beginner and advanced user in vibration training. While it's not the best poster we've seen, it's still useful to get you started.

One final extra you wouldn't expect to find on a budget model is a MP3 port and speakers - quite a nice touch we think :0)

Our view:

For a cheap model, this plate comes with quite a good specification. The 1500W motor gives a smooth and challenging workout. The accessories such as the exercise cords help to add an extra dimension to your training. Not bad for the beginner. However, it's not a particularly sturdy machine and may feel unsteady for the heavier user - if you weigh over 130 kg we suggest you find a heavier machine.

If you're new to WBV and want to try out this new and exciting way to train, this isn't a bad way to dip your toe in it. If you continue you will have to move up market, but we all have to start somewhere.

The Crazy Fit Massage Control and Display

The Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Plate display and console

Thumbs Up:  

Reasonably quiet 1500W motor
3 pre-set programmes
99 speed setting allowing for a great range of exercises
Handlebars lend good support
LED Display featuring Time, Speed, Body Composition Values and Programmes
Easy to operate with touch-sensitive control
Upper body cords and handles for more positions
Exercise chart included.
MP3 speaker is a nice touch

Thumbs Down:  

Machine is difficult to assemble for a single person
Feels light and unsteady for the heavier user
We question the accuracy of the Body Fat Scanner so would suggest to use reading only as a guide.


Model name: Crazy Fit Massage
Dimensions: L 0.70 cm W 0.75 cm H 1.25 cm
Platform: L 0.53 cm x W 0.37 cm
Max user weight: 150 kg / 23.5 stone
Programmes: 3
Product weight: 37 kg
Display: LED displaying Time, Speed and Body composition values
Motor: 1500 W
Vibration Type: Oscillating (click here for description)
Amplitude: 10mm (see our buyer's guide for technical glossary.

Crazy Fit:

Star rating:  45%

Best Price: £159 from

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