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Under £500

JTX Fitness 6000 vibration plate
JTX Fitness 6000

Powrx Home Pro compact vibration plate
Powrx Pro 2.0

Under £1,500

JTX Fitness Pro 10 power plate
JTX Pro10

DKN Xg5 vibration plate in black

Over £1,500

Powrx Active Evolution vibration plate in black
Powrx Active Evo 3.5

HyperVibe G17 Pro pivotal plate
HyperVibe G17 Pro

Vibration Plate Reviews and Training Guide
Over 30 Top Models Tested Here!

The Powrx Active Evolution 2.7 Vibration plate in silver
We hope our vibration plate reviews will help you make the right decision to get the best results - at a price you can afford.

Also known as power plates, these machines are designed to give you the benefits of an hour's workout in about 6 minutes, and you don't need to load your body with heavy dumbbells or other weights.

However, choosing the right machine to help achieve your personal health or fitness goals, can be extremely difficult - there's so many to choose from! That's why we have created our useful Buyers Guide and unbiased reviews, so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

And just to make it easier for you, we've tested over 30 of the most popular models here!

It's also important that the price you pay is competitive. So we keep an eye on the retailers to find who has the best deal and offers at any time.

We're a group of personal trainers who are very enthusiastic about vibration training and the benefits it can deliver. But please note, we don't sell any fitness equipment nor promote a specific brand or get paid for writing these reviews.

We fund this site with a combination of adverts and, in some cases, receiving a small commission from referrals to a number of retaiers - at no extra cost to you.

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Too Good To Be True?

Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV) is a real break through in training and conditioning of the body. And they really can deliver results - whether you're planning to lose weight, shape specific body parts or you're a professional athlete looking to improve your performance.

So how does it work?

When you stand (or use other positions) on a vibrating platform, your body is forced to make adjusts to maintain balance. It does this with rapid muscle contractions (and releases) so you don't fall over! Because the plate is vibrating at a fast rate, your muscles constantly have to react, and hence the intense workout in a short space of time.

By varying your positions, the frequency of vibration and the amplitude of the platform, you can either tone, stretch, strengthen or get a massage using your plate. (see our Buyers' Guide button top left for a more detailed description of these terms). Note also, there are two different types of vibrating platform on the market at present.

The debate goes on about whether oscillating or vertical is the best - you can read our two pennies worth here.

You can also check out the results from the latest vibration training studies, if you're sceptical about the benefits.


HyperVibe G10
"Great features - very easy to use!"
Full review here

This isn't to say that it's a short cut to a beautiful body and optimum health - now that really would be too good to be true! You still need to make sure you have a healthy eating plan and include other forms of physical activities like cardiovascular training for example.

But if you're considering buy one, click here to find out how it could work for you.

If you have a machine already, see our sample of exercises here to see how to get the most from your machine.

We've designed this site so you can find a model that is right for your personal requirements. You can make price comparisons and read about the features of each machine.

All reviewed machines are available for delivery in the UK.


Possibly the quietest and smooth vibration plate out there - Powrx Active Evolution 4.0 HPS
Check out the easiest plate to use on the market - see HyperVibe's G10
It's just arrived in the UK market from Powrx, check out our review of the Attrac Eclipse 5
Read about JTX's new budget model - the impressive JTX5000 XL
** It's brand new and turning heads - read our review of the HyperVibe G17 Pro ***
One of the cheapest plates on the market is the Crazy Fit Massage - but is it false economy?
It's not a vibration plate, but the Revitive Circulation Booster is getting a lot of publicity, but is it fair to call it a medical device? See our review here.
Check out one of the top-rated UK brands in vibration plates at

Some of the Models We've Reviewed To Date

Powrx Active Evolution 3.5POWRX Active Evolution 3.5

Our score :

85% (in top price-range)

Typical German engineering, technology and attention to detail, a superb plate. With real cutting edge features and the latest innovation in vibration training, this plate is fast becoming the leader for the rest to follow - read full review here
Power Plate Pro 5Power Plate Pro 5

Our score :

80% (in top price-range)

...the 'Rolls Royce' of home use Power Plates, but it also comes with a price tag to match! Power Plate were one of the first kids on the block with vibration technology and remain one of the top dogs for good reason - see the full review here
JTX Pro 10 in silverJTX Pro 10

Our score :

80% (in mid price-range)

JTX Fitness have made a name for themselves with good models at affordable prices and customer services that are second to none. This tri-planar vibration plate in the lower price category is pretty amazing - read full review here
HyperVibe G17 Pro in white - profile image HyperVibe G17 Pro

Our score :

85% (in upper mid price-range)

An exciting new model from HyperVibe. It has some great, innovative features backed up with excellent online support. One of the easiest machines to use on the market - read our full review here
the stylish DKN xG5 in black DKN Xg5

Our score :

65% (in mid price-range)

Scores highly with its slender looks, but this stylish plate also delivers with some pretty good features - see our review here
JTX Fitness 6000 JTX Fitness 6000

Our score :

75% (in budget price-range)

A budget model that delivers far more than you'd expect at the price. This surprise package from JTX can deliver a challenging workout for anyone. Great value! Read full review here

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"Congratulations on your review site. I so often read sites that set the consumer up to be ripped off instead of help. Usually written by someone with zero time on these machines, it's sincerely nice to see someone doing their homework." Lloyd Shaw, International Product Manager, Vibra-Train (New Zealand)

"I'd like to say thank you for your website and its excellent information which made a big difference recently in helping me to purchase a vibration plate for my mother. There is so much sales-hype out there, it was refreshing to come across something down to earth that gave exactly the information I needed and made sense of so much of the guff, including what many products were not telling me! We are delighted with the eTone we bought following your reviews." Geri Coop, Massage Therapist

"Trying to buy vibroplates could be a very daunting experience. Thankfully I stumbled across this website. Your buyer's guide, price list & reviews were very helpful. I narrowed it down to 2 machines but wasn't sure which would be the most suitable for me. I sent you an email to ask for help. I received a reply very quickly and decided to follow your advice. I have been using the Orbus Crazy fit for 3 weeks now and am so pleased with my purchase!" Cecile from Wexford, Ireland.

Important: Please consult your doctor before beginning a new training regime. You should not use a vibration trainer if you are pregnant, have a neurological condition, have a heart condition or use pacemaker or other medical implant device, suffer from deep vein thrombosis or suffer from diabetic neuropathy.

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